My Advertising Pays Reviewed – Does It Really Pay You At Home?

“Curiosity pulls people into scam” said Frank Stallone and this is exactly why I have decided to write this in-depth article to uncover the mystery behind My Advertising Pays. Plenty of review articles are wandering on the Web, labeling this company as a “get-rich-quick” scheme, a Ponzi or a Pyramid scheme.

The funny thing about the critics is that they’re either promoting their own products or programs, or they’re doing it as a “hobby” to have some fun. While some have provided interesting proofs to justify their argument, the others didn’t even bother to do basic research.

So what is the need of yet another review article? There are 2 groups, one on the positive side and the other one that say the company is a fraud. Who’s on the right side? To answer this question, I’ve compiled real stories, original proofs, results and verified data to separate sheep from the goats.

You wanna know the truth? I’ll let you decide it. I’m a very logical person myself. My heart doesn’t accept something until real data is provided or reasoning isn’t done. I don’t assume things. I hope you’re one of ’em. I guarantee that this review will thrill you to the bits because it’s  a total eye-opener with some interesting proofs and real results.

I will cover these important questions in this review:

  • Is MAP a Ponzi/Pyramid scheme or fraud/scam?
  • Is it an investment program?
  • Business model of MAP?
  • Physical location & address
  • History of Michael Deese & founders
  • Are products genuine? Is the traffic reliable?
  • The truth about Simon Stepsys
  • Is it a get-rich-quick scheme?
  • MAP Income Sources
  • What are Credit Packs?
  • All the hype about Credit Packs
  • Joining Requirements
  • Working 5 mins a day, really?
  • MAP Earning Potential
  • Future of MAP

When I was researching about My Advertising Pays (MAP) a year ago, I discovered some negative reviews from different critics. At first, it made me very skeptical about this company because it was recently launched (December 2013) and I had no solid reason to justify or trust the company—so it was quite natural.

But, when I thoroughly studied all the reviews by these self-proclaimed “experts”, I realized that it was all hogwash stuff. All of the negative reviews were filled with illogical red alerts, baseless facts and literally baseless evidences.

I kept digging about the company and found no meaningful data. Most of the critics claimed MAP as a Ponzi scheme. Some writers called it a Pyramid one, so which one was right? Pyramid or Ponzi? You would be surprised to hear that neither were right.

MAP doesn’t match the criteria of these both schemes. In this block, I’ll tell you the difference between a Ponzi and a Pyramid scheme and then I’ll provide solid facts to prove how MAP is a legitimate advertising company that is changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of people all across the globe.

I’ll let you decide the truth.

Ponzi Scheme


By definition

It is a type of fraudulent scheme in which the old investors get high returns from the money invested by new investors. In this scheme, money isn’t generated from actual investments but rather distributed among the investors.

How it Works

Let’s talk a lil’ bit about history. It was named after Charles Ponzi who defrauded investors in which most of them were new immigrants. He offered high and consistent returns on investments and eventually imprisoned for this notorious technique.

Ponzi scheme is totally dependent on new investors to payoff the earlier investors. If a person who is running a Ponzi scheme fails to attract new investors, the Ponzi owner will eventually run out of money and it’ll be exposed. Boom! Generally, such type of scheme promises high returns on investment in order to attract new investors to keep the circle and cash flow in motion.

They actually pay the investors high returns in the beginning so that they keep coming back and attract other potential investors.

Pyramid Scheme

pyramid scheme

By definition

Pyramid scheme is similar to Ponzi scheme. There’s a thin line between these both schemes. In Ponzi scheme, the participants believe that their returns are generated from their investments while in Pyramid scheme, participants are aware that they’re earning from recruiting new participants.

How it Works

The working of Pyramid scheme is similar to Ponzi scheme but a small yet key component creates a small difference between the structure of these both schemes. The word “Pyramid” points to the hierarchical setup, which means that in order to earn, the participants must recruit fresh people into the pyramid-shaped structure.

Just to keep the things easy, let’s say that a Pyramid scheme starts with 1 person (initial recruiter) who must recruit new participants to earn money. The newly recruited participant must pay a certain amount which is paid to the initial recruiter, creating an illusion of commission while no product was sold and no service was given.

Is MAP an Investment Program?

The short answer is no. It is an advertising platform. You’ll have to purchase their product (Credit Pack) which is basically an advertising share. A Credit Pack is equipped with Credits and Credit Boosters which are the necessary tools to setup a campaign for your brand or business.

Now, if you not only want to advertise but also make money on this platform, then you’ll have to click 10 ads in the Traffic Exchange which qualifies you for the daily profit share. This is absolutely optional feature that comes as a bonus with this Credit Pack or Advertising Share.

The sole purpose of a Credit Pack is to advertise, not to make money but it can be used as a money making tool, only if you want to. You are basically buying a product, so therefore it’s not an investment program. It is entirely up to you whether you want to make money on this platform or just use as an advertising device.

One important thing to remember is that the profit shares are NOT guaranteed because as I mentioned earlier, it’s not an investment program but rather a purchase of the company’s product. It is an additional or auxiliary feature so it makes sense.

How MAP is not Ponzi/Pyramid Scheme?

Now to our main question. I hope know you understand the criteria and model of a Ponzi & Pyramid scheme. If you still don’t understand, then please scroll up and read once again. Well, MAP doesn’t match the criteria of a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme. How it doesn’t? Let’s see:

In Ponzi scheme, the individual or organization takes investment from new participants to payoff the old participants.

  • MAP isn’t an investment program but rather an advertising platform where they offer advertising products.


In a Pyramid scheme, the existing participants must recruit new participants to earn commissions.

  • MAP is not dependent on new signups/participants. You can simply earn from Credit Packs only if you want to – the choice is yours. However, if you want to boost your earnings then you can refer new people into the platform, but again, it is completely optional.


Bottom line

MAP is a profitable advertising platform which offers top-notch products that can benefit your brand, business or organization. The core advertising product of this company is known as Credit Pack that can not only be used in advertising but also making money. You’ve to click 10 ads to qualify for the daily company profit share. In order to boost your earnings, you can refer people into the platform but it’s not required and completely optional. You can earn handsome money with MAP but if you’re not interested in making money, then you can simply advertise and generate results – the choice is all yours!


Here are the benefits of joining:

  • Registration is Free
  • 30 Day Free Trial
  • Get Paid Every 20 Minutes
  • 10 Minutes of Daily Work
  • Do the Work Once and Set it on Autopilot


I will cover these 6 important elements in this review:

  1. Meet the Company CEO Mike Deese
  2. My Advertising Pays Introduction
  3. My Earnings & Commissions
  4. Worldwide Events & Meetings
  5. Things I Like About this Company
  6. Things I Dislike About this Company


With that being said, let’s begin.


#1: Meet Mike Deese





Mike Deese, a U.S. fresh-looking Internet Marketer rooted in Ocean Springs, Mississippi and a Disabled U.S. Air Force Veteran. In 2012, he met with the current executives Tony Booth and Lynne Booth.

The Booths were looking for some genuine advice in the world of online advertising for their window installation company. At that time, Mike was a pretty successful network blogger with years of experience in this shady industry.

With the passage of time, Mike built a healthy business relationship with the Booth family by providing free solid advice that generated positive results.

In early 2013, Mike made a firm decision to stop the promotion of any company in the advertising industry, as they were all failing him and polluting his image. He disappeared for 3 months. Was he planning something?

Spring month of March came when the morning breeze blew over the mountains, it was the hour of birth. Mike arranged a 4-hour Skype session with the Booths where he presented the idea of My Advertising Pays.

It was indeed a turning point, both for Mike and the Booths. All in all, My Advertising Pays was born out of Mike’s frustration as he had seen dozens of programs that felt apart.

He did not want to repeat the same mistakes which his competitors committed and this is why a solid business model of My Advertising Pays was designed that covered every inch with pure mathematics.

#2: What is My Advertising Pays




My Advertising Pays is an online advertising platform that was launched on December 2013 by Mike Deese. It is currently headquartered in Anguilla.

It was powered by a group of programmers, expert marketers and mathematicians. It is based on a simple principle of empowering the users to make the company self-sustainable.

The company has garnered over 250,000+ strong members (as of this writing) and is growing rapidly.

My Advertising Pays offers quality advertising products and quality services that can be found on their platform.

Products include Banner Ads, Credit Packs and lots of other services that can drive traffic to your website.

Many people confuse this platform as a high yield investment program (HYIP). It isn’t. The company distributes its profits with the participating members.

A good example is a TV news channel that sells advertising. They have many viewers watching their channel, so different advertisers contact the news channel to display their advertisement in exchange of some money.

Similarly, you can buy advertising products in My Advertising Pays to display your ads while getting paid for it.

How it Works


The inner working of MAP is quite simple. If you are on MAP to make money then you must understand how things work.

The core product of MAP is called Credit Pack that is an advertising product. It comes with Credits & Credit Boosters. You can assign the Credits on the platform if you want to advertise your brand or business.

But what if you want to make money while advertising? It’s simple! Follow these simple steps:

You can find easy-to-follow quick tutorials by clicking on each bullet point. By doing this, you will get paid daily every 20 minutes.

The cash is automatically updated and you can withdraw a minimum of $10 to your payment processor.

A maximum of 1,200 Credit Packs can be purchased, so the more you have, the higher your profits will be.

After the 30 day trial period, your earnings will pause until you purchase one of these Membership Levels:

  1. Basic ($25/annually) Recommended
  2. Professional ($50/semi-annually)
  3. Primetime ($100/semi-annually)


Referral Commission


Although recruiting people into this platform is completely optional but it’s so much rewarding that it almost becomes irresistible. Once you refer someone, you get 10%* on each Credit Pack your referral purchases.

So, if 1 Credit Pack costs $50 then you’ll receive the 10% of $50 which is $5. It has no limitations – as long as your referral is purchasing packs, you’ll receive 10% commission off every pack.

10%*: You will only receive 10% commission off every pack your referral purchases if you’ve the Primetime Membership which is the current highest level in MAP platform.


#3: My Earnings & Commissions



It’s been fascinating so far. My inbox is always filled with dozens of referral commissions notifications and it’s just been few months honestly.

Number one golden formula: don’t focus on the quantity of your referrals, focus on their quality. A Sponsor with 10 active referrals is better than the one with 100 inactive ones.

Sponsor is a person who introduces you to any business or program. My Advertising Pays has an astonishing affiliate program, due to the power and potential embedded inside.

Inbox is daily flooded with these messages!



#4: Global Events



Network events keep the heart of MAP beating as they’re full of joys, lovable moments and most importantly new connections, different cultures and the wisdom shared.

They purely made this money on My Advertising Pays and now traveling around the world, socializing with MAP community – it is changing lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the planet.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself!


Germany 2nd Year Anniversary


Here are some mesmerizing pictures of the jam-packed event in Cologne, Germany for MAP’s 2nd Anniversary where over 2,000+ MAPPERS from all around the globe attended with full enthusiasm.

MAP CEO Mike Deese addressed the community via Skype live conversation. It was in full swing — dance, drinks, music, food and whatnot!

MAP Anniversary Event MAP Anniversary in Germany Mike Deese Anniversary Moment MAP 2nd Anniversary MAP Event MAP Event in Germany Markus Lowien MAP Event Jam Packed My Advertising Pays Event

Warm Moments

simon stepsys and danny turner

Beautiful rides, aren’t they? Simon with the UK National Leader Danny Turner.

Simon Stepsys

This is Simon Stepsys, the #1 Affiliate in MAP network over 5,000 Referrals!

my advertising pays group photo

Memories keep us alive!

my advertising pays italy

Some moments captured in Rome at an important MAP event.

my advertising pays london

As the chart says, you should be there!

map london event cumberland hotel

An amazing network event of MAP with some great level of entertainment.

my advertising pays leaders

And that’s some big guns of MAP!

my advertising pays portugal event

Memories from the event held in Portugal.

simon stepsys and his friends

Simon with some important people!

map party

Smile for the camera!

my advertising pays portugal

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a lovely day in Portugal with some yachting?

map party time

Time to relax.



#5: Things I Like About the Company

There are few things which I like about MAP that makes the platform easy and fun. Let’s discover!

Quick Stats


my advertising pays credit packs

This is a screenshot of the “Quick Stats” of a typical MAP user that can be found in the back office (or User Control Panel).

This is one of the most prominent feature of this platform because the statistics are very easy-to-understand. It gives you a quick outlook of your account’s status.

The terms displayed in the screenshot may not be digestible at first but after reading our premium eBook, it is as easy as pie!

Credit Pack Statistics


my advertising pays credit packs

This feature keeps a track of the progress of individual or combined Credit Packs. Once the green bar gets filled, the pack expires because it generates a total of $60.

Afterwards, it’ll move under the “Fulfilled Packs” column which keeps the things neat and organized.

Similarly, if you buy 10 packs at once then it’ll not create separate bar lines/progress bars for them, rather it’ll have single progress bar displaying the number “10” instead of “1” – in this case, it will expire after generating a total of $600. Pretty simple, right?

MAP’s Jackpot Wheel


my advertising pays wheel


This is an interesting feature introduced by the MAP team to keep the users entertained. And no, it’s not gambling.

Your ad quota is set to 5 which means you can spin the wheel 5 times in a day. If you’re lucky enough then you might hit the Jackpot, but most likely you’ll end up earning 1 cent, 5 cents or even a 125 × 125 Banner! I love when the wheel physically rotates!

Customer Support


map support

I believe that customer support is the backbone of any setup. Investing in experienced support agents not only boost general sales but also build confidence & trust in the customer.

MAP’s customer support team is satisfactory, they’re quite responsive to the tickets with straightforward answers. I’ve personally experienced the agents and it’s remarkable.

Capture Pages

map capture pages

MAP has provided a handy promotional tool that includes two free modern Capture Pages for its users which they can use for capturing prospects and potential referrals.

Not a web programmer? No problem! Simply copy the link given below these 2 capture pages inside your Control Panel and spread the word out – it’s as simple as learning the English alphabets.



my advertising pays community

Luckily, the MAP community is very social and regularly meets in different corners of the globe – from events in UK to the massive fun in Portugal, MAP Public Group is filled with lots of mesmerizing pictures & videos which literally give goosebumps. You don’t wanna miss that!




#6: Things I Dislike About the Company


As no system is perfect, there are some things in which MAP lacks which I dislike and would like to highlight them here.

User Interface


user interface my advertising pays

Honestly speaking, I don’t pretty much like the user interface (homepage) of MAP as it is filled with massive banners, ads and incorrect placement of testimonials.

It does not reflect the pure business which MAP is. The fonts used on the front page are not legible and their sizes are small, people with eyesight issues have hard time reading the text like me.

Although there are navigational links in the footer but some are at the very bottom which skips a normal user’s eye so it needs a little adjustment.

Unresponsive Design


my advertising pays mobile


This is how My Advertising Pays looks like on a mobile device. It is not optimized for mobile which can negatively impact the MAP traffic.

80% of internet users now own a mobile device so we cannot deny the importance of a fully responsive website for every device (including tablet devices).

This is a major factor and should not be ignored by the MAP administration.

Final Comments


Personally speaking, this platform has revolutionized my life. It has enabled me such opportunities that I could not have imagined otherwise.

All it takes is 10 minutes of your busy life and that is all. More than 250,000+ members (as of this writing) have joined My Advertising Pays and carving their paths towards financial freedom.

If you are interested to know more about the company, then enter your email address above to get complete training of My Advertising Pays.

Review Score

Review Score

Website Design


    Customer Support


      Revenue Distribution


        Network Events



          • - Top-notch advertising products
          • - Distributes 95% of its revenue with members
          • - Business events organized worldwide
          • - Community-driven platform
          • - 10 minutes of daily work


          • - Not the best homepage and web design
          • - Unresponsive theme for mobiles & tablets


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