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All you have to do is to buy at least 1 Credit Pack, view 10 ads on the platform and your earnings will start right away! Members are paid every 20 minutes, 72 times a day straight into their account. Takes hardly 10 minutes.

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One simple thing: watch your eWallet growing with earnings and keep doing that again and again. You can withdraw a minimum of €10 to your linked payment processor. It’s true that MAP is addicting!
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Earning Money is Simple as Pie We care about your financial freedom. You deserve it.

Due to the advancement in technology, it has become easier than ever to achieve financial freedom in your life. All you need is a positive mindset and the right attitude. We’ve assembled all the things you need to know to make your first buck on the Internet!

  • No previous knowledge required. No technical education needed
  • Hassle-free and user-friendly platform. Highly recommended for beginners
  • Requires only 10 minutes minimum daily

Our Advantages You have a number of reasons to choose us!

What separates us from the rest of the market is our robust and mathematically consistent advertising platform that was developed by a team of engineers, mathematicians and top-level marketers.

  • Get highly-targeted traffic to your website, blog or promotional offers
  • Advertising solutions suitable for any budget
  • Earn money by viewing 10 ads while getting traffic to your product/service

Meet Muhammad Talha He's an official MAP Academy member and Internet Marketer ready to serve you.

Muhammad Talha

Muhammad Talha Internet Marketer

Muhammad Talha is an Internet Marketer from the beautiful land of Pakistan and an official MAP Academy member. He's on the journey to help people achieve financial freedom through MONEY4U, a home for online entrepreneurs and hungry people.

Frequently Asked Questions About MAP

How do I make money on MAP?

Register a free account, buy at least 1 Credit Pack and view 10 advertisements on Traffic Exchange inside the platform. Your profit share earnings will start. You’ve to do it every 24 hours.

Do I have to recruit people to earn money?

The answer is no. No selling or recruiting is required in order to make money on MAP. However, if you want to earn big commissions then the opportunity is sitting for you. It’s completely optional.

Is it a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme?

MAP doesn’t match the criteria of a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme. It’s a simple advertising platform that pays its members. Learn more…

Are the products of MAP worth buying?

Yes, MAP offers quality advertising products suitable for any budget. It has highly-targeted traffic for internet marketers and business owners.

What is the earning potential in this company?

Credit Pack is the primary product of MAP, it costs €49.99 and returns €55, that is roughly €5 profit per Pack. You can buy a maximum of 1,000 Credit Packs, that means you can earn between €5 to €5000. These are just estimates.

Is the platform sustainable?

MAP has deployed safe limits and developed a mathematically consistent platform that makes it a long-term business. The company is not repeating the same mistakes which their competitors did and collapsed.

It's time to take charge of your finances! Your finances play an important role in your life. Take control of them.